Social Media Management

Engage With Your Audience.

Utilise your social media page, allowing you to engage with your audience on a scale second to none.

Stand Out.

Show your audience you’re more than a business. Trusting customers are loyal customers.

Create A Community.

Carefully crafted and scheduled posts engage with your audience and can create a loyal community.

Social Media Marketing Agency.

Over 70% of internet users have social media. Want to advertise directly to your target audience? Social media marketing and social media management is the way forward. With our services as both a social media marketing and media agency, we guarantee results.

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What Is Social Media Management?

Social media management is the maintaining and consistency of your social media marketing. Social media management can include a wide variety of aspects.

Elements Of Social Media Management Include:


Analysing your target audience’s behaviour allows us to optimise and enhance your social media exposure to them.


Monitering what your audience engage with on social media means we can create and enhance your posts for premium results.


Scheduling your posts with optimised content yields a higher engagement rate with your audience.


Using features such as hashtags, we are able to reach out to and engage with more of your target audience and communities.

Why Use Social Media Marketing?

Over 70% of internet users are on social media platforms. This includes potential clients, business partners, and more. Use of social media is growing across all demographics.

But simply being active on social media isn’t enough. These platforms are busy places. How will you stand out? With extensive analysis and studying of your target audience’s behaviour and engagements. From this, we are able to craft posts that are appealing and engaging to your target audience.

By optimising your social media presence, your business has the potential to reach your target audience across the globe.

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Why Use A Social Media Management Agency?

Social media marketing is vital. But without social media management, it’s nothing. What’s the difference? Social media marketing is your tailor-made advertisement. Social media management is the consistency, both in the volume and the quality of your advertisements.

Once we discover what type of social media marketing works for you, it’s time for consistency. Making sure your content stays consistent is tough. However, our social media management service provides top quality results

Our expert team ensures that your social media content stays engaging and successful. We analyse what times your target audience log on to their social media and how long for. From this we schedule posts to coincide with your target audience’s behaviour. This increases how many of your target audience will see your bespoke advertisements.

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How Does Social Media Marketing & Social Media Management Work?

Social media is a powerful tool when used properly. No matter which service you choose, we work alongside your business to understand all your business targets and expectations. Understanding these allows us to create a social media marketing campaign that best suit you.

We then analyse your target audience’s time spent on social media platforms. We then organise and optimise your social media posts for you.

These processes combine to create the most effective social media advertisement strategy.

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Which channels can we manage?

We can manage any type of social media at any size. Here are just some of the channels we can manage:









Our Philosophy.

With YMG as your social media marketing agency, we guarantee premium results. Our ethos based on elite sporting principles allows us to create the best possible SMM strategy for you. Our approach ensures we understand key elements of your target audience. From this, we can optimise your SMM and provide premium results.

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Do I Already Need A Social Media Account?

No. You do not need to have a pre-existing social media account for our SMM services. We will create one for your business if you do not already have one.

We are happy to enhance a pre-existing social media account if needed.

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